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Small Business Management

By definition, small businesses have less than 100 employees, but that doesn't mean small businesses are weak. Small businesses employ more than half of U.S. workers and are where a good share of the country's innovation is carried out, especially in sectors such as software.

While small businesses abound, managing a small business is no small feat. Small business managers have to wear many hats, especially at the start-up phase. This means that they must be adept at assuming or managing several functional areas and handling different tasks such as planning, organizing, executing, producing, supporting, marketing, sales, accounting, hiring, supervising, and other responsibilities.

Yet one of the most common reasons that small businesses fail is undercapitalization. Successful small businesses with staying power require their managers to be especially mindful of the importance of securing and maintaining a more than adequate supply of capital as well as a positive cash flow.

A degree in small business management can provide a good well-rounded foundation that the future small business manager will need.