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Real estate is a tangible investment that is composed of land and any buildings that may be on that land. Though real estate is susceptible to the ups and downs of the market and bubbles like any other economic sector, real estate is generally considered to be an excellent investment and real estate services and companies are a cornerstone of the investment market.

There are many opportunities in the real estate sector, including those of real estate agent and broker. Real estate agents sell houses and other property. They may help determine the price for a property, screen potential buyers, show properties to potential buyers, and ensure that all provisions of the contract between the buyer and the seller are completed. Real estate agents must have a thorough knowledge of the local real estate market and the type of property to be sold.

Real estate brokers are real estate businesses that may have many agents in their employ. Some brokers manage properties as well. Both real estate agents and brokers must be licensed at the state level.