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Office Administration

To help ensure that an office can function correctly and meet its various goals, office administrators and managers provide integral support by planning, organizing, and supervising a variety of tasks within an office environment.

Office administrators may prepare reports, manage data, control communication, draft memos and correspondence, and arrange conference calls. They may also support management, manage budgets, perform payroll and human resources duties in companies that do not have separate departments for this, keep records, monitor health and safety in the office, procure office supplies and equipment, institute filing and data systems, and take responsibility for the general running and operation of the office.

The office administrator makes sure that everything in the office works and that the other company employees can successfully perform their jobs. In addition, office administrators may also supervise other administrative or clerical staff.

An office administrator must be an excellent all-around manager. He or she must be organized, consistent, and reasonably anticipate the varied needs of the office.