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Managing a nonprofit requires good management skills, but, more importantly, management skills tailored to the nonprofit environment. While nonprofit organizations may have things in common with their commercial-minded cousins, such as the need for economic sustainability, nonprofits have unique strengths and challenges.

Nonprofit organizations strive to offer something that benefits specific populations or the public at large. This may include providing meals to homeless children, working to protect an endangered species, or microlending to small businesses.

To complement their often altruistic missions, nonprofit organizations have many aspects they need to carefully manage. In addition to the regular staff, nonprofits must manage the boards of directors that provide the organizations with direction. Many nonprofits also depend upon the work of volunteers to function.

Fundraising is another integral task of a nonprofit — to secure the funds nonprofits need to operate and pursue their mission and goals. To achieve this, nonprofit marketing has a particular code that must be learned. As well, nonprofits may have to meet strict regulatory requirements, financial reporting methods, and compliance standards in order to take advantage of tax-exempt status or other benefits.

Nonprofit managers must always be aware of the latest regulations that may affect their organization and their work.