Supply Chain and Logistics Management Schools

Supply Chain and Logistics Management

Have you ever wondered who decides what is available for you to buy? Supply chain management is the process that gets products into the hands of consumers.

Before a consumer even has the chance to buy a product, there are a considerable amount of decisions that must have been made beforehand with regards to manufacturing, distribution, and shipping. But these are only three of the elements that supply chain and logistics managers must control.

Not only must the how be taken care of (how raw materials will arrive at a factory, how the factory will produce the product, how the product will be moved, how the product will be acquired by the consumer, etc.), but the when, the why, and the who.

Supply chain and logistics managers may forecast inventory levels, create strategic alliances with suppliers, make production decisions, and generate production schedules. They must have excellent management skills and be able to accurately coordinate many levels of details at once.