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International Finance

Concerning itself with the fluctuation of exchange rates as well as levels of foreign trade, investment, and risk, the business of international finance aims to allocate resources across international borders in the most efficient and beneficial manner possible.

Let's face it. Financial transactions are increasingly global affairs. A lender may be in one country while the borrower is in another. So can an investor or a securities buyer or a stockholder. International finance deals with the management of money and capital resources across international lines. As an example, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund are two of the biggest players on the international finance scene. They provide capital to developing nations.

International financiers and investment banks may raise funds for a new venture in another country, advise foreign banks, or finance the building of infrastructure in a specific region. They work to help individuals, companies, and governments invest, budget, allocate, save, or borrow assets, credit, stock, cash, or bonds.