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A company is more than the sum of its factories, buildings, and equipment; in fact, a company's employees and talent are its most important component. This is most apparent in companies that are built on selling ideas or innovative products, but ultimately every company depends on the knowledge and expertise of its workers for success.

Human resource management concerns itself with ensuring that a company has the employee talent it needs to operate successfully and compete in the marketplace. As a rule, companies with high rates of turnover or employee dissatisfaction don't tend to be very successful.

Human resource managers must work to attract and retain quality employees. Some of the tasks a human resource manager might perform include writing or collaborating in the creation and maintenance of an employee handbook, setting procedures for hiring new employees, writing job descriptions for new positions within the company, recruiting and hiring new employees, providing orientation and guidance to new employees, determining employee benefits, training employees, performing employee evaluations, and mediating personnel disputes.