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Educational Management

The goal of educational management is to apply good management principles to a school setting or educational organization so that the school can then succeed in its mission to provide students with education.

Deans, superintendents, principals, vice principals, and other senior administrators are all examples of educational managers. In their own way, they each supervise certain elements of a school. This may include preparing reports, creating policies, reviewing course curricula, setting and working towards specific goals, allocating school resources, setting or monitoring academic standards, staffing the school, addressing the various needs of both staff and students, and collaborating with outside stakeholders such as parents and state boards.

Educational managers must have a thorough understanding of educational policies and practices as well as the ability to juggle the interests of several groups while working towards fulfilling the mission of the school. This requires the educational manager to have a background in education, such as a degree in educational management or education, in addition to good people management skills.