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Effective communication and the ability to successfully convey the company's messages are key considerations for any business. In fact, one of a company's most important stakeholder groups is its own employees. Within a large company, human resources communications managers are often the people designated to formulate and disseminate appropriate messages within the company. (While important in smaller companies, internal communication is often not a separate human resources function.)

Human resources communications managers focus on fostering constructive internal communication and an ongoing dialogue with employees in order to promote employee satisfaction and company transparency. They may plan and execute benefits communication campaigns, write for the company Intranet and internal publications, use social media to communicate with company employees, and develop internal performance benchmarks.

If you would like to work in internal communications, you must have excellent oral and written communication skills, and the abilities to be both diplomatic and flexible.

4 Essential Skills for a Successful Marketing Career

The field of marketing is actually quite large. There are many different careers within the marketing industry, and each one requires its own particular skill set if one is to be successful. Various jobs include public relations, advertising, project managers, operational specialists, market analysts, marketing directors, and so on.

If you are considering a career in marketing, the broader range of skills you have, the better. This is important if your long term goal is to advance up the career ladder. The skills required for an advanced position, such as a public relations director or vice president of marketing are going to be much more extensive than the skills required for any entry-level position.

That being said, you don't need to have all the skills starting out. As with any career, you will develop more skills as time goes by. Also, as you work in the field you will sharpen the skills you already had going into the field. With this in mind then, two of the most essential traits for success in marketing (or in any field for that matter) are the willingness to be constantly learning and to be constantly improving yourself. If you possess these, then you are much more likely to advance your career than someone who chooses to remain stagnant with regards to their personal skills and knowledge.

So, let's consider four essential skills for a successful career in marketing:

Communication Skills

Strong communication skills are necessary for just about any type of marketing career. Your ability to convey your ideas well both verbally and in writing will be vital to your performance as well as your interactions with others. Those in public relations and any type of management or executive position will need to have exceptional communication skills in order to succeed.

Sales Skills

Since the ultimate goal of marketing is really about getting people to use a service or buy a product (or even support a concept or agenda), sales skills are very important. It's often been said that we are all selling ourselves in one way or another, so whether it is the PR person who's dealing with the media, the advertising executive who's creating ads which attract customers, or the president of the company who has a large staff to lead, inspire and motivate, strong sales skills will definitely help you succeed.

A Good Understanding of People

Marketing is all about reaching your customers and attracting them to your product or service. Like sales skills, regardless of what your role is in the marketing profession, you will do particularly well if you have a keen understanding of people and what makes them tick. Developing and promoting a product or service starts with knowing what needs, problems, or wants your potential customers have which aren't being met, or which could be met better.

Marketing your product requires a good understanding of the underlying emotions which lead to your customers to make buying decisions. And of course, it goes without saying that anyone in a leadership position in the marketing industry who has a strong grasp of human nature will be a much better leader than someone who does not.

The Ability to Think Creatively

It may seem obvious that creativity is essential for things such as developing a great advertising campaign or marketing strategy. But the ability to think outside the box will also help you with any type of problem solving. Not only will you need to think of creative ways to meet your customers' needs and solve their problems with your product or service, but creative thinking will also help you solve problems within your company. If you are in a leadership position, problem solving will likely be a day to day part of your job. Being able to come up with creative solutions will be a huge benefit in this type of career.

While there are many more skills which are either essential or at least very beneficial to a marketing career, if you possess these four skills you are off to a great start. Constantly strive to grow and learn everything you can, and you can't help but succeed!