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To obtain a versatile, dependable skill set for your professional endeavors, you can't go wrong with business administration training. Although it focuses on the business world, this discipline is flexible enough to encompass a wide range of specialties. Courses span subjects like accounting, finance, marketing, e-commerce, operations management, project management, inventory planning, business law, human resources, and much more.

Companies of all sizes and specialties—from government agencies to non-profit organizations to Fortune 500 corporations—are in need of business professionals to skillfully handle operations and management functions. Although you might start out in an entry-level administrative role, there's plenty of opportunity to move up into mid-level management and executive positions after proving yourself to be a dedicated and ethical worker.

If you prefer a role with more flexibility and a variable set of tasks, you might consider working as a business consultant. The benefits of operating your own consultancy include the freedom to set your own rates, choose your own operating hours, and hand-pick your clients.

When evaluating different business administration training programs, look for one that offers hands-on projects that give you a feel for the typical tasks you'll tackle in the corporate world. Your instructors should be professionals who have extensive business experience themselves.