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Business Administration and Security

A hacker briefly takes control of a company's website in order to display his manifesto. A competitor steals a product prototype before a major tradeshow. A disgruntled ex-employee deletes data files from the company's computer system.

All three cases could spell disaster for any company, and only underscore the need for companies to be prepared to prevent such incidents as well as successfully deal with them should they arise.

In fact, companies have a great need to protect their vital assets and information; in extreme cases, the company's very existence can be put at risk from hostile actions or even accident situations. In such a high-stakes business environment, companies require effective managers who can make critical business and security decisions to protect company interests, facilities, employees, and equipment. These managers may need to assess a company or even an industry's security needs, manage security systems and programs, organize physical protection requirements, or even organize intelligence and investigations.