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Business Administration and Management

Today's big businesses need exceptional CEOs, managers, and administrators capable of strategic thinking, controlling complex situations, and making difficult business decisions that may represent the difference between a company's business failure and success. The highest level of a company's business managers must be able to apply solid business principles to multifaceted organizational contexts. They must deftly manage human capital as well as financial resources.

One of the best routes to begin a high-level business career is to opt for a degree in Business Administration and Management to help give you the knowledge and tools to adequately control the human and financial resources at your company's disposal. (Networking with like-minded people in school as well as industry professionals through an internship is also a good way to start your career off right.)

In addition to courses in communications, finance, marketing, and research, Business Administration and Management degrees may include courses in organizational management, organizational behavior, negotiations, quality management, strategic management, and change management.