Business Administration and E-Business Schools

Business Administration and E-Business

Without a doubt computers have allowed companies the opportunity to become more dynamic organizations, and with the addition of e-Business, those companies have even more capabilities than before.

E-Business allows companies to harness the power of computers, the Internet, and various forms of Internet and web-based technologies to make processes more efficient and more user-friendly. Examples of this include online procurement, customer support chat, online transactions (e-commerce), web conferencing, content management systems, enterprise resource planning, email, a virtual press room on the company’s website, and "white paper" podcasts. E-Business lets companies streamline their processes and interact with customers in a variety of ways.

Studying Business Administration and E-Business allows you the opportunity to hone your planning, supervising, and decision-making skills as well as learn how to incorporate the best e-Business practices into the business environment. Business Administration and E-Business degrees may include courses in information systems, communications, management, online retailing, and online systems.