The Online Guide to Employment Discrimination

Employment Discrimination can be defined as an occasion that an employer uses a person’s race, nationality, age, marital status, gender, sexual orientation, or disabilities against them when making employment decisions. Employment discrimination can also occur after a person has been employed with a company.  While the practice is illegal, it is very common, especially in small businesses and companies that are privately owned.  The reasons that employers engage in this type of behavior usually comes down to fear or personal ignorance. The potential, or current management fears that a prospective employee's personal status will get in the way of operations, or might cost them more money. Sometimes management might be challenged in separating their personal beliefs against a person from the professional task at hand.

Up to 100,000 claims against employment discrimination are filed each year in various categories.  There are laws, such as Title VII, that protect U.S. workers in the event that they’ve been discriminated against. The information below gives examples of various types of discrimination, what to do if a person has been injured in this way, and what responsibilities employers have to keep their workplaces free of this crime.  

 Facts Sheet and Statistics

  • Civil Justice Center: This is a PDF chart about the statistics regarding various charges of employment discrimination
  • No Fear Act Statistics: This discusses the No Fear Act, and gives links for statistics at the bottom of the page.
  • Privacy Rights: This facts sheet discusses how employment discrimination might be used in employment background checks.

 Employment Discrimination

Employer Responsibilities

  • What Can Employers Do?: This is a short article regarding what employers can do to protect their workplaces from discrimination.


  • HG.org: This is a legal directory page that also has links and information regarding employment discrimination legislation.
  • ADA Compliance: The ADA Compliance Alliance ensures that ADA standards are being met.

How To File An Employment Discrimination Charge