Tax Information For Businesses

Depending on your legal status income taxes apply differently. Corporations have differently obligations and deductibles than individuals. Non-profits are regarded differently than for profit organizations. Trusts have similarities with corporate tax law but are generally not in the business of profiting for shareholders. Understanding the specifics of taxation with regard to legal entities is critical in selecting the best legal entity to apply to your goals, as well as avoiding exploiting legal entities that do not apply to them. The latter can provide both asset protection and minimal taxation, while exploiting the latter can be criminal.

The following is a list of taxation resources for common legal entities.

Tax Information for Mid to Large Sized Businesses & Corporations

Small Business & Self Employed Tax Information

Tax Information for Community Based Outlet Programs

Taxation of Retirement Plans

Information for Tax Professionals

Information about Online Package 1099

Tax Information & Market Segment Understandings

Withholdings Calculators