Resource Guide to Educational Statistics

The education system in the United States is part of the country’s backbone and an essential part of the country’s future. Without a sound education system, the United States cannot hope to keep up with countries like Japan, who has one of the most respected school systems in the entire world, and the students that come from these schools are some of the best in their fields. In the United States, the education record is much spottier. Children born to families below the poverty level are far less likely to even finish high school let alone go on to attend and complete college. Without a college education, these students then follow in their parents’ footsteps, where they live below or just above the poverty level and have children of their own, creating a vicious cycle. These children are victims of circumstance more than anything but the fact remains that the US education system is in need of an overhaul if the country is ever going to be able to compete with other country’s school systems. Here’s a list of links about educational statistics showcasing how long kids attend school, how well they do in those grades, even where to get tuition help, and information about poverty levels.