Kid Inspired Lesson Ideas

Kid Inspired Lesson Ideas

Kid Inspired Lesson Plans

The Internet is a virtual library full of lesson plans that span across a wide variety of subjects for each grade level. From kindergarten through fourth grade, students and teachers, can find all sorts of interactive, fun websites in reading, writing, science, social studies, and math. Some of these websites offer activities and games that children can play alone. The best part about learning with these kid-inspired lesson plans is that children will be having so much fun playing on the computer, they won't even realize they are learning at the same time.


Reading and Writing

  • ABC Matching – Children can match letters and words that begin with that letter sound on this website. Sound can be turned on or off so that children can listen to the letter sound if desired.

  • Rhyming Words – This website sponsored by educational publishers Sadlier-Oxford allows children to play a matching game, trying to find a pair of words that rhyme. Children click on cards to play this memory game.

  • Starfall – A favorite of kindergarten teachers, this website helps children learn to read through phonics. Levels include getting ready to read, learning to read, it's fun to read, and I'm reading to move from learning the alphabet and phonetic sounds to reading independently.

  • Game Goo – This interactive, fun website by Houghton Mifflin offers children various phonetic games to play with cute, appealing characters. Spelling exercises are also included. It can get a bit loud, however, and does not have a feature where parents or teachers can turn the sound off.


  • Kidport Kindergarten – An Internet quiz on pollution, test your knowledge of the environment and the harmful effects of pollution.

  • Kid's Corner – This website features activities, videos, and games for kindergarteners on various scientific topics. Some of these include snails, salamanders, frogs, and farms.

  • Funology – This website focuses on fun science experiments for kindergarteners. It explores units on physics, chemistry, biology, weather, and holidays and seasons. Each unit provides experiments kids can do themselves or with minimal adult help.

  • Environmental Kids – Sponsored by the Environmental Protection Agency, this website allows children to explore their environment. Activities including art, science, water, recycling, and animals are included.

Social Studies

  • My Imaginary City – Sponsored by Tate Britain Art Museum, this website allows children to create their own imaginary city. Kids can add in roads, buildings, transportation, signs, and natural features to invent their own city.

  • Baby Signs – This website from the BBC features video demonstrating simple words in sign language, then giving them the chance to try it themselves.

  • Fire Safety Memory Game – Sponsored by Hamilton Township Fire Department, this website features a virtual memory game all about fire safety.

  • Lost Tours – This website provided by HBO Family features a game which is a virtual scavenger hunt. Kids must find various items in different settings. This game requires Flash and Shockwave players to be installed.


  • Math Lingo – This website from Houghton Mifflin Math Expressions for kindergarteners allows them to play a matching game. Kids match two cards with picture expressions of math problems that are alike. Sound can be turned on or off.

  • Number Train – In this interactive web game with sound, children move boxcars to make a train depending upon the number given. It is appropriate for pre-k and kindergarten students.

  • Children's Museum Games – This website sponsored by the Children's Museum of Indianapolis offers interactive, fun games for pre-k and kindergarten students to play themselves. Games range from moving parts around on a robot to learning about trains.

  • Fishing Game – This website features a fun, interactive game in which children click on ducklings, mosquitoes and frogs and then count them.

First Grade

Reading and Writing

  • Clifford Interactive Storybooks – This website sponsored by Scholastic features Clifford stories, games, and more. Children can choose to read the Clifford stories in English or Spanish, and fill in the blanks along the way. Sound is optional.

  • Storyline Online – Provided by the Screen Actors Guild, this website features actors reading stories to children in an interactive fashion. It includes sound and optional captions so children can read along if they wish.

  • Magnetic Letter Game – This website sponsored by Woodlands Junior School allows kids to create as many words as possible using provided word endings. Students click and drag them to make words.

  • Construct-a-Word – This website gives children the opportunity to create words combining letters. They choose a word ending, beginning, and then make a word.

  • Languages of the World -  This website can open the world to young children and educators who realize the amazing capacity that children have for language-learning.


  • Arthropod Museum – On this website by Clemson University, children can choose a cabinet and view hundreds of types of insects. Categories include butterflies, beetles, moths, insect defenses, and more.

  • My Pyramid Game – Sponsored by the Dairy Council of California, this website allows children to create their own food pyramid based on healthy nutrition. It tests kids' knowledge of the four food groups.

  • Sparky the Fire Dog – This website sponsored by the National Fire Protection Agency features activities, cartoons, games and more centered around fire safety.

  • ActiveScience – This website sponsored by GlaxoSmithKline features an interactive game with sound. Children match animals from different parts of the world to their habitat.

Social Studies

  • Workers and their Hats – On this site, children match the correct worker to the type of hat he or she would wear. It is sponsored by the Council for Economic Education.

  • Can You Read a Map? - This website gives children practice in reading a map. It provides simple quizzes asking children to identify the location of specific things on the map.

  • Let's Go to City Hall – Sponsored by HUD, this interactive website teaches children all about the workings of City Hall. Children explore a virtual City Hall and learn what each part does.

  • What Places Do You Have In Your Neighborhood? - This website reads a story (with sound) to children, telling them about places in a typical neighborhood. Once students become familiar with the story, there is a version that asks them to read the story.


  • Stop the Clock – This interactive website from the United Kingdom allows kids to practice telling time on an analog clock. They must compare digital times with analog times.

  • Spending Spree – This interactive game gives children a choice between two things they can buy, then shows them how much it costs and asks them for the correct amount of change.

  • Are You a Math Magician? - This website offers 20 interactive addition equations children must try to answer in one minute. Two levels of difficulty are available.

  • Fling the Teacher Spelling Numbers – In this interactive game, children must match spelled numbers to their numerical form.

Second Grade

Reading and Writing

  • Making Predictions – This interactive game has children read a story (sound is optional) then make predictions on what will happen next in the story.

  • Robobee – In this game, children are presented with a sentence and a blank, and a few choices of words to fill in the blank. They must move Robobee to the correct word to complete the sentence.

  • Limerick Factory – This game allows children to choose their own phrases from some provided and create their own limerick. It teaches children to follow a pattern.

  • Stories – This website features a variety of animated stories from which children can choose. Children must read the stories on their own, to background music.


  • Second Grade Jeopardy Science – This website provides second grades with an interactive form of the television game show “Jeopardy.” Topics are science related with various levels of difficulty, and include animal families, matter, plants, weather, butterflies, and frogs.

  • Switch Zoo – On this interactive website, children can create their own new animals, build an online animal habitat, or return rescued animals to their homes.

  • Nutrition Explorations – Students on this site may play various interactive nutrition games testing their knowledge of the food groups and food pyramid.

  • Round & Round It Goes – This website sponsored by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources teaches kids about the water cycle. Clicking on a map will explain various parts of the cycle.

Social Studies

  • Old Boston Jigsaw Puzzle – This website provides a virtual, interactive, timed jigsaw puzzle of Old Boston for kids to put together. It tests their knowledge of history.

  • Jayzee Bear USA Map – This website features an interactive map game which teaches kids the names of each of the United States.

  • Geography Game – This website from the United Kingdom's Northwood Primary School offers kids a timed, interactive geography game. Children must name each continent before time runs out.

  • City Creator – Children can create their own city on this fun, interactive website. They can add in buildings, roads, people, and other features to their custom-made city.


  • Turtle Pond – This site teaches children about lengths and angles by having them move a turtle around on a virtual computer grid.

  • Place the Penguins – This interactive web game from the United Kingdom asks children to move penguins to different spots, based on units of 10s or 100s.

  • Flower Frenzy – This interactive website features three levels and asks children to fill flower pots as they race against the clock.

Third Grade

Reading and Writing

  • Vocabulary Games – This website features a variety of vocabulary games, from interactive word searches to matching games.

  • E-books for Young Readers – Sponsored by GrassRoots Saskatchewan, this website offers e-books children can read online. Various levels of difficulty are included.

  • Suffixes Say Plenty – This website features an interactive story/game in which children learn about word meanings and suffixes.

  • Type the Contraction – This website presents two words and gives children the opportunity to write the contraction for each pair of words.


  • Great Plant Escape – Sponsored by the University of Illinois Extension, this website features stories, games and activities explaining the life cycle, parts and structure of plants.

  • Human Body Module – Sponsored by FOSSWeb, this website features activities, games and information about the human body. Included is a game in which children drag the correct bones to the proper place on the skeleton.

  • Energy Games, Puzzles and Crosswords – This website sponsored by the California Energy Commission features interactive games, puzzles and crosswords having to do with energy concepts.

  • Dinosaur Quiz Game – This website offers an interactive quiz all about dinosaurs. The correct answer is given after children choose their answers to each question.

Social Studies

  • Geography for Kids – This website teaches children about geography through songs and games. The earth, the atmosphere, and the earth's biosphere are all presented.

  • White House 101 – This website from the White House provides fun facts about states, presidents, and first pets. A virtual tour of the White House is also included.

  • Beat the Clock and Label the States – This website offers children an interactive map of the United States. Students must label each state in a timed game.

  • Make a Roman Mosaic Online – This interactive website allows kids to create their own mosaic online, just like in Ancient Rome. Patterns and styles are included.


  • Function Machine – This website features an interactive game requiring the Flash player. Children must select input, output and/or function in algebraic equations.

  • Kids Bank – This website sponsored by Sovereign Bank features games and more to teach kids about money, coins, interest, checks, and electronic funds transfer.

  • Car Wash – On this site, children correctly answer multiplication equations to practice their multiplication tables in an interactive game with sound.

  • Third Grade Math Practice – This website features a wide variety of third grade math practice equations and questions. Topics covered include place value, money, logical reasoning, and probability and statistics.

Fourth Grade

Reading and Writing

  • They're, their and there quiz – This website offers children a quiz in which they must choose the correct word based on sentence context, choosing from they're, their and there.

  • Same Difference – This website features an interactive game in which students must make a pair of synonyms or antonyms. Three levels of difficulty are available.

  • Look, Cover and Spell – Sponsored by Ambleside Primary School in the United Kingdom, this website offers children spelling quizzes and generates words based on spelling patterns.

  • Fact or Opinion Quiz – Sponsored by the University of Chicago, this website presents ten statements. Children must decide if each one is fact or opinion.


  • Kids Space – Sponsored by NASA, this website features space-related games and activities. Children can read stories about Saturn, learn fun facts, make crafts, and play games.

  • Secrets at Sea - This Flash website from the Vancouver Aquarium features four interactive stories about sea life. Children click on the stories, which have optional sound, collect cards, and answer questions after each story.

  • The Body Zone – This website features a clickable diagram of the human body. Students may click on body parts to learn more about them.

  • Virtual Volcano – This website by the Discovery Channel features information on volcanoes. Children also have the opportunity to build their own volcano.

Social Studies

  • The First Thanksgiving – Plimouth Plantation – This interactive Flash website presents the story of the first Thanksgiving. It is sponsored by the non-profit organization Plymouth Plantation.

  • Time Capsule – This website provides information on what happened on any given date in history. Headlines of the week's most important news and events are offered.

  • History Games for Kids – This website features a variety of interactive history games children can play themselves. Games include Moving Through History, Orca Preserve and Brick Busters History Game.

  • Fun State Facts – Sponsored by the U.S. Census Bureau, this website features a clickable map of the United States. Children can click on any state and learn fun facts about that state.


  • Mental Arithmetic Drills – This website allows children to practice arithmetic drills on three levels. Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division are included.

  • Farm Stand Math Game – On this website, children add up totals of products at the farm stand and practice shopping skills.

  • Rounding Flashcards – This website features virtual flash cards. Children must round to the nearest tenth, hundredth or thousandth.

  • Create a Graph – This website helps children create graphs in different forms. Pie graphs, bar graphs, line graphs, area graphs, and XY graphs are included.