International Political Economy

The International Political Economy (IPE)

The International Political Economy is an academic program which focuses on international relationships amongst countries dealing with the state of the political economy. This academic field is usually studied in correlation with political science degrees, business degrees, economics degrees, and sociology degrees. Focuses on stressed on international trade, international business finance, world economic problems, and other international relations. Starting in the 1970s, the International Political Economy has been evolving and adapted in Universities and Schools all over the country and world.

Universities and Colleges with IPE-related Degrees

Interested in studying with the IPE? Want to get a degree in business or economics? The following Universities and school are just a few that offer IPE related courses, degrees and certifications.

Electronic Journals & Publications

Find online publications and journals relating to the International Political Economy and international business and economy matters.

IPE Resources & Related Organizations

Discover resources related to the International Political Economy, as well as other organizations who work for similar goals and business relations around the world.