English as a Second Language Resources

Teaching Tools

  • ESL Mania - lesson plans, reading ESL books, teaching tips and more!
  • Learning Abilities Books - a collection of ESL reading books and educational activities geared towards kids from pre-kindergarten to 5th grade.
  • Everything ESL - lesson plans, teaching tips, resource picks and more.
  • ESL Plans for Teaching - a huge collection of ready to print handouts, quizzes, reading, writing and speaking lessons for teachers.
  • ESL Lessons - perfect for helping teachers plan their ESL lesson plans.
  • English to Go - help for teachers with lesson preparation, educational exercises and over 1,700 educational resources to learn English.
  • John's Teaching Resources - a huge collection of ESL teaching resources including education print-ables, activities, dialogue sheets and ESL online games.
  • ESL Lounge - ESL lesson plans and other helpful material for teachers.
  • ESL Teaching Resources - a great collection of free lesson plans and articles on the best ways to teach English as a second language.
  • ESL Speaking Activities - ESL speaking activities and lessons to help teachers educate their students.
  • ESL Galaxy - teacher tools which include lots of worksheet makers to help with teaching English.
  • Tools for ESL Teachers - this website provides ESL lesson plans, session planning, syllabus design, and other helpful training for teachers involved in ESL.
  • ESL Monkey - ESL forums, ESL learning resources and ESL teaching materials to help teachers.
  • ESL Teaching Tools - this educational portal provides ESL teachers with learning material to educate their students.
  • English as a Second Language - lesson plans and ideas for teachers teaching ESL.
  • ESL Lesson Plans - a huge selection of ESL lesson plans, divided into categories by subject.
  • English as a Second Language - the Educator's Reference Desk has put together a collection of ESL lesson plans and tools.
  • Teaching ESL - classroom materials such as grammar lessons, quizzes, learning exercises, teacher news, and more.
  • Dave's ESL Cafe - a wonderful collection of teaching ideals for the ESL classroom.
  • Adult ESL Education - lesson plans and teaching guides geared toward the older ESL student.