Economics Resources for University and College Teaching

Economics Resources for University and College Teaching

Economics Perfect competitionEconomics Resources for University and College Teaching

Educators are always on the look-out for reputable resources that provide current and insightful information on economics.  National, international and global economies are always changing; therefore it is important to remain current when bringing information to students learning the economics industry. 

Below is a list of the most reliable economics resources available for university and college instructors.  The list details the source and information available from each site.

White House Economics Briefing Room

For the most up to date information in the area of economics and what is currently transpiring in the White House, the White House Economics Briefing Room is one of the best resources available for university educators.  The site provides current news, blog posts, press releases and videos of the president’s national and global stance on economics.  Acts and reforms being signed are updated within hours of actual signing.  An extensive amount of economic information is provided university professors to bring to their students.  The site allows educators to stay on top of current events.

Job promotion and growth, financial market stability, and home affordability are just some of the topics covered in the Briefing Room.  Details regarding each Act the president signs are available for review. 

American Economic Association

The American Economic Association site supplies statistics, current publications, and historical data of actual economic subjects and is a great resource used by university and college teachers.  The association was formed in 1885 by a small group of people who were interested in the subject of economics.  The group was founded in Saratogo, New York and later incorporated in Washington, DC, where it remains today.

During the association’s early years membership was primarily made up of teachers or college professors who taught on economics.  Today the organization is comprised of teachers, college professors, business people and professionals from all walks of life.  There are a total of 18,000 members today.  The association requires membership in order to gain access to many of its publications and journals.  Many college economics professors and scholars around the globe are active members of the American Economic Association.

Economic Report of the President

The Economic Report of the President is a great resource for university and college level teaching.  Professors and instructors all over the country utilize this informative yearly report authored by the economic advisors of the president.  The nation’s economic progress, growth, and trends are detailed within this extensive report that is available for viewing online.  The entire report and statistical analysis is available in a PDF file on the site and can be downloaded conveniently for review. 

Also available for viewing at the Economic Report of the President site is a monthly compilation of economic indicators prepared by the Joint Economic Committee by the Council of Economic Advisors.  This compilation details economic data on prices, wages, business activity and growth, credit, overall production, and federal finances. 

 Council of Economic Advisors

Another great resource for university and college teachers across the nation is the Council of Economic Advisors within the White House website.  A wealth of information is provided about the nation’s economy through reporting from the president and his national advisers. Fact sheets, statistical reports, economic speeches, and indicators are all found on the site and provide current data regarding the state of the nation. 

Students are able to browse current events and read the latest press releases submitted by the Council.  News articles and journals are also available for review. 

Health Economics

Economics covers every spectrum of the financial and societal systems, including healthcare.  Health economics is becoming one of the hot areas to discuss in colleges and universities across the nation.  The Health Economics site offers information and data on health outcomes and value as related to economics.  Founded in 1994, the site has become a central database for providing economical information on health and related topics. 

Newsletters, press releases, available fellowships, libraries and journals are all available on the health economics site.  Professors and students are able to browse through the journals and select adequate material to assist with papers, dissertations and research.  Forums and blogs are available for students and scholars to interact and learn from one another.  The site is the nation’s leader in terms of health economics. 

Bureau of Economic Analysis

The Bureau of Economic Analysis offers extensive information regarding the US economy that helps educators and instructors understand the world of economics and bring current topics to the students they teach.  Current and relevant information is provided in some of the most crucial areas of economics including economic growth, industry relationships, economic development in the nation, and America’s stance and position in the world economy.  While at times the economy is stable, there are often times a lot of change going on within, therefore it is important to stay on top of the current affairs and trends of the nation’s economy.

The site offers current press releases and news articles related to the economic world and provide up to date topics on an ongoing basis.  Statistics in national, regional, and integrated accounts are found on the site.  International economic accounts data is also available on the website.


EconData.Net is one of the most reliable guides in offering economic data on the internet today.  The site provides over 1,000 links to a variety of economic and socioeconomic resources and is designed to assist students, teachers, researchers, and professionals with a means of finding statistical data related to the area economics.  The site is sponsored by the Economic Development Administration. 

The site is free and open to the general public.  There is no membership required although signing up is an option in receiving newsletters and annual reports.  University professors across the nation utilize EconData as a primary data resource in substantiating topics taught in the classroom.