Economics for the Regular Man

Map of emerging marketsLooking for a better understanding of how governments and big business are steadily driving us into a dark abysmal global crisis? Start with this basic introduction of economic structures that will help you come to comprehend the economic monsters that plaque every corner of the earth.

American Economic Association

The American Economic Association website provides individuals with statistics, current publications, and historical data of actual economic subjects.  The group was formed in 1885 by a small group of people who were interested in the subject of economics.  The group was formed in Saratogo, New York and later incorporated in Washington, DC. 

During the association’s formative years membership was primarily made up of teachers or college professors who taught on economics.  Today the organization is comprised of teachers, college professors, business people and professionals from all walks of life.  There are a total of 18,000 members today. 


With over 1,000 links to a variety of economic and socioeconomic sources, EconData is one of the most reliable guides to economic data on the internet today.  The site is designed to assist students, teachers, researchers, and professionals with a quick resource for finding statistical data related to economics.  The site is sponsored by the Economic Development Administration. 

Most of the resources offered on EconData are free and open to the public.  Little to no registration is required to gain access to the valuable economic information available that this site offers.  While the number of data sources offered can be overwhelming, EconData offers a free 100-page downloadable reference guide entitled “Complete Dummies Guide to Economic Data” that is guaranteed to bring clarity to the search. 

Bureau of Labor and Statistics

The public database offered by the Bureau of Labor and Statistics provides information and data specifically relating to the labor market.  Working conditions, labor market activity, and price changes are discussed at great lengths on this site.  Economists, professionals, teachers, college instructors, math statisticians, and IT specialists find the BLS website of great importance when analyzing economic data related to the job market.

The business model and vision behind the Bureau of Labor and Statistics is to successfully meet the information needs of the ever-changing national and global economy by continually improving its database.  Current press releases, journals, and articles are offered on the site to keep the public up to date with the rapidly changing economic world.

Bureau of Economic Analysis

The Bureau of Economic Analysis website provides extensive information regarding the US economy that helps educators and professionals understand the world of economics.  Current and relevant information is provided in some of the most crucial areas of economics including economic growth, industry relationships, economic development in the nation, and America’s stance and position in the world economy. 

The site offers current press releases and news articles related to the economic world.  Statistics in national, regional, and integrated accounts are found on the site.  International economic accounts data is also available.

History of Economics Society

Founded in 1974 the History of Economics Society was formed to serve the interest of the public by revealing the history of economics and promote the communication among researchers, instructors and scholars within the field of economics.  The international membership team of this elite organization is now 300 persons and growing.  Annual conferences take place in June at a United States university of choice and smaller meetings take place periodically throughout the year.

The History of Economics Society works in relation with the Cambridge University Press to produce and publish the Journal of the History of Economics.  The Society awards prizes each year for the most highly esteemed dissertations and economic related articles.  Some of the published content may be found on the site.

Economic Report of the President

The Economic Report of the President is a yearly report authored by the economic advisors of the president.  The nation’s economic progress, growth, and data are detailed within this extensive report that is available for viewing online.  The entire report and statistical analysis is available in a PDF file on the site and can conveniently be downloaded. 

Also available for viewing at the Economic Report of the President site is a monthly compilation of economic indicators prepared by the Joint Economic Committee by the Council of Economic Advisors.  This compilation details economic data on prices, wages, business activity and growth, credit, overall production, and federal finances. 

White House Economics Briefing Room

The White House Briefing Room gives up to date information in the area of economics by providing current news, blog posts, press releases and videos of the president’s economic position for the nation and world.  Up-to-date reform signing by the president is posted on the site.  An immense amount of economic information is provided for students studying economics, scholars with a vested interest in the field, or teachers who bring the most current information to their pupils.

Job creation, financial market stability, and home affordability are among the hot topics in the Briefing Room.  Each acts the president signs or supports are documented in a timely manner on the site bringing the most current information available.

Council of Economic Advisors

The Council of Economic Advisors provides a wealth of information about the state of the economy in the United States via the president and his economic advisors.  Fact sheets and reports, speeches pertaining to economics, and economic indicators are all found on the site and provide current data regarding the state of the nation.  Employment situations, home purchase information, economic reports, and national and international affairs are all detailed within the site.