TIMELINE: China 5000 BCE - 1949 CE

TIMELINE: China 5000 BCE - 1949 CE

5000 -3300 BCE- Hemudu culture is a Neolithic era that resided in the lower Yangtze Valley.

5000-3000 BCE- Yangshao culture of the Neolithic Era.

3000-2000 BCE- This Neolithic Longshan culture was first founded in 1828.

3310-2250 BCE- The Liangzhu was the last Neolithic jade culture of Southeast China.

2852 BCE- The beginning of the Fu Xi reign over his descendents.

2200 BCE- The reign of Yu the Great as the creator of the Xia Dynasty.

1750-1100 BCE- An outline of Shang’s Dynasty from 1750 BCE to 1100 BCE.

1600- 1050 BCE- Summary of China’s second dynasty.

1027-771 BCE- The Zhou Dynasty was the longest running dynasty in China. This is the first half of the Zhou Dynasty.

771-221 BCE- A brief history of , the Eastern Zhou Dynasty; the second half of the Zhou Dynasty.

770-476 BCE- The Eastern Zhou Dynasty was split into two states. This is a brief history of the Spring and Autumn period.

600 BCE- The earliest piece of Chinese poetry known as The Book of Songs.

645-735 BCE- The life of one the most influential religious guides.

585-682 BCE- A concise summary of the life of the 11th  Mao-shan Grandmaster.

475-221 BCE- A brief history of the era succeeded the Spring and Autumn Period.

420-589 BCE- A concise chronicle of the Northern and Southern Dynasties.

256 -206 BCE- A brief history on the Great Unification of China.

221 BCE- The Qin Dynasty was the first dynasty with an Emperor as ruler.

221-206 BCE- The dynasty that gave China its name.

207 BCE- 25 CE- The Western Han Dynasty was the first era of the Han Dynasty.

206 BCE-220 CE- This dynasty was established by rebel leader Lui Bang.

220-280 CE- This marks the demise of the Han Dynasty and the establishing of three family kingdoms.

960-1279 BCE- The first dynasty of the five dynasties was perhaps the most advances civilization at the time.

907-1125 CE- The Liao Dynasty was descendents of the Xianbei tribe and out ruled the Song Dynasty.

1115-1234 CE- An in-depth summary of the Jin Dynasty’s government.

1279-1368 CE- The Mongolian Empires Yuan Dynasty reign and fall.

1368-1644 CE- The rise and fall of the Ming Dynasty.

1644-1911 CE- An art timeline of the Qing Dynasty.

1793 CE- A short article on Lord Macartney’s mission of the opium wars.

1840-1842 CE- The first opium war of China.

1851-1864 CE- The civil war of China against the Qing Dynasty.

1856-1860 CE- The second opium war of China.

1865-1895 CE- An in depth look at China’s reforms into scientific and technological failure.

1875-1912 CE- The fall of the Qing Dynasty.

1894- 1895 CE- The China and Japan war over the control of Korea.

1898 CE- The attempt by the Qing emperor to reform the education, politics, and culture of China.

1900 CE- The attempt by a secret society to force foreigners out of China.

1911 CE – An explicit look at the Chinese Revolution.

1912-1921 CE- The rise of the Nationalist Party.

1917-1921- The May Fourth Movement impact on the revolution of China.

1927- 1937 CE The Nanjing Decade when Chiang Kai-shek dominated China during the Chinese Civil War.

1935-1947 CE- The Yan’an period signifies the center of the communist revolution.

1937-1945 CE- Audio clips and video representing the Chinese Resistance.

1945-1949 CE- The start and end of civil war in China.

1949 CE- The reign of a new political party, the Republican of China.