Career Development Manual

A successful career is one of the most important pursuits in life. Both fresh graduates as well as those who are already in the working world seek to build a good career that is both challenging and financially rewarding, but many people are not sure which career direction they should take. As such, they may need career development counseling or programs to help them choose a career that they can excel in. There are a lot of career development manuals on the internet that can help people secure a good career. The links listed below will provide helpful information about the different things that a jobseeker should do to find suitable employment.

Self Assessment

  • Free Self Assessment Quiz: Information about self assessment for career building, as well as free self assessment quiz and game.


Decision Making

Networks and Contacts

  • Building a Network: Advice on career development networking, including information on possible leads.


When making career development decisions, jobseekers should consider factors that have long term effects on their careers. Many people in the working world find their jobs unattractive after a short time, because they did not make long term plans when they were planning their careers. It is important to choose a career that is challenging and rewarding enough to last for many years.