Career Center for Public Relations Professionals

Career Center for Public Relations Professionals

The field of public relations involves a wide range of clients, from celebrities and attorneys to entire companies. It is the job of a public relations manager to ensure that the image and attitude of their client is in sync with the public, their customers, and the media. Public relations professionals must manage publicity for their clients, and arrange interviews, help determine advertising tactics, approve graphic design concepts and logos, and much more. The goal is to ensure that the client maintains a positive image and a good relationship with the public in order to maintain business. Often PR professionals work as their own entity, creating a firm where they enlist other professionals to assist with clientele. In some cases, however, companies may hire public relations workers internally and directly.

The public relations job sector is fairly busy, particularly since businesses are competing with each other more than ever. The public is an integral part of how businesses thrive, and if a business' public image is ruined, it can have a large impact on the bottom line. Politicians also use PR firms or representatives to help work on campaigns and maintain their image with their constituents. Currently the job market is expected to rise almost twenty five percent in the next decade. This type of work is highly competitive, since clients expect the public relations professional to go above and beyond to ensure their interests are protected. The average salary of public relations worker varies from around $40,000 per year, up to around $100,000 per year, depending on the length of service and the employer type. Large corporations tend to pay more than non-profit organizations and schools. There is much available on the Internet to help an aspiring public relations professional find the information they need to be successful.

PR Job Outlook and Information

 Job Seekers and Employers

  • For Job Seekers – An interactive site where people can post resumes, get career advice, and look for employment.
  • PR Job Force – Online jobs database designed specifically for those interested in public relations.
  • PR Week Jobs Section – Job-hunting section of PR Week, a magazine for public relations professionals.
  • Public Affairs Council – This professional organization is dedicated to assisting people in finding the right PR job.
  • America's Job Bank – A national database of employment for those seeking a career in any field, including public relations.
  • Job Requirements – An in-depth look at the field of PR, and what prospective employers should know before applying.

Career Resources

  • Task Tips – An excellent resource explaining how to handle various aspects of a public relations career.
  • PR, Advertising, and Marketing- This article explains the difference between these three different yet similar career paths.
  • Resume and Cover Letter Tips – This site provides examples, advice, and tips for writing resumes and cover letters, as well as how to handle interviews.
  • Career Resources – Several online resources to job websites, career advice, and much more.
  • Writing a Resume – A very detailed guide to help the even the most savvy PR professional write a great looking resume.
  • Meet a Real PR Specialist – This interview with a real PR specialist gives insight and advice to anyone seeking a career in the same field.
  • A Day in the Life – Describes what it is like to be a true public relations professional and the challenges faced.

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