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Bachelor's Degrees in Business

If you have an affinity for business but haven't narrowed it down to a focus yet, you can begin the process by earning a bachelor's degree like the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), for example. A BBA is a wise investment in your long-term career. Most universities require four years of course work (or a total of 120 credit hours) for a BBA. A majority of programs start out with more generic liberal arts courses for the first two years, with beginner's business courses in the second year and a shift to your chosen specialty area during the fourth year.

As a Business Administration student, you'll have your pick of a wide range of specialty subjects, including business law, finance, accounting, marketing, real estate, operations management, research and development, strategic management, supply chain management, and more.

After obtaining your degree, you'll have the necessary skills to manage projects, create a business plan, grow and develop a company, and effectively market a product or service. Your Bachelor in Business Administration will qualify you to work in sales, business analytics, management, and a range of other positions. Companies in all industries are always recruiting educated candidates for key business functions.

Although it's possible to obtain a high-quality entry-level position with a BBA, many degree holders choose to continue their education to pursue a Master of Business Administration (MBA), which can significantly increase your earning power.