What Kind of Manager Can I Be?

For those who are looking forward to a career in business management, it is a good idea to take a look at all of the various types of management positions that are available. While not necessary, if you can narrow down your goal to work as a particular type of manager, you will be better able to tailor your classes and, later, your work experience in order to best position yourself for the career you really want.

If you are naturally creative, you may consider a career in marketing management.

There are many factors to consider when deciding upon which path to take. Some of those factors are the hours involved and the amount of travel required. You should also consider your own areas of interest. For example, if you are naturally creative, you may consider a career in marketing management. If gifted with numbers, then accounting management might be a better fit.

There are many types of management positions available. Here are some examples along with a brief description of each.

Business Manager

The simplest way to describe the role of a business manager is to say that a business manager is to make sure that decisions made by other departments will result in a profit for the business. A large part of a business manager’s job is analytical, and he always has an eye on the bottom line.

Other department managers will likely work closely with the business manager, especially in regard to issues concerning spending and budgets.

Project Manager

A project manager will take the lead on a specific project and will be responsible for all aspects of that project. One way to look at it is as the project manager, in some ways, is like a mini-CEO. He will be ultimately responsible for staying within budget, overseeing other staff working on the project, and meeting deadlines.

Marketing Manager

A marketing manager is responsible for overseeing advertising campaigns and branding initiatives such as packaging. The marketing manager will often have a team of creative people working under her such as copywriters and graphic designers.

Retail Manager

A retail manager will be the person in charge of a retail store. The manager will have many responsibilities including ensuring proper staff coverage, bookkeeping, displays, ordering merchandise, and conducting inventory.

The retail manager is, in large part, responsible for helping her store make a profit and will usually be given specific goals about how much money the store should be making.

Small Business Manager

A small business manager is basically the same as the business manager at a larger company, with a few exceptions. While the business manager at a large company would likely have staff to do the actual bookkeeping and other tasks while he oversaw these processes. In a small business, the manager is likely to be more hands-on with the day-to-day tasks.

Information Technology Manager


These managers are responsible for large networks of information. It is a demanding job that requires expertise in the field of computers and other technology. If you are interested in this area of management, a double major is almost a necessity in order to strategically place yourself in the best position in the job market.

Whichever type of management position most interests you, it is a good idea to take at least some of your coursework in business administration. Managers in every field have a degree in that course of study. If you are set on a particular field, such as marketing or healthcare, you could consider a double major, or at least make sure that part of your studies focus on that area of interest.