Jobs for MBA Grads

Jobs for MBA Grads

An MBA may open the door to a range of career opportunities and increase your chances for success in the business world. If you’re looking for ideas, here are some of the jobs for those who hold MBA degrees.

Analysts work to determine opportunities and potential problems. They are key to the finance industry.

Entrepreneur. One of the biggest trends for MBA grads right now is to jump into entrepreneurship after pursuing an MBA. With the business knowledge gained in business school, entrepreneurs are putting theory into practice on their own terms – by piloting their own ship they are able to see what works in custom structures. This freedom to innovate, however, often comes with a price: more built-in uncertainty than the other options on our list.

Consultant. Whether consulting as a freelancer or for a consultancy firm, working as a consultant allows you to leverage your specialized knowledge to solve specific business problems for a wide variety of clients. An MBA may help establish your expertise and business credibility in the case of freelancing, or be a requirement to entry in the case of a consultancy firm.

Analyst. In MBA degree programs you will have honed your analytical skills, gained more finance knowledge, and examined case studies. All this translates into great preparation for an analyst job.

Analysts work to determine opportunities and potential problems. They are key to the finance industry, but business analysts are highly sought-after as well.

CEO. Not every CEO has an MBA, but many do. Although CEO is not normally a directly post-MBA job, it is a position that can be achieved by some after an MBA degree combined with a respectable number of years of relevant experience.

As you well know, CEOs around the world are both celebrated and reviled every day. With the amount of influence they wield and the high salaries they command, CEO can be considered the plum job of the business world – the true top job for any MBA grad.

Investment banker. A more traditional and lucrative path for an MBA grad, those who are interested in a finance career may find an MBA degree a good path to working as an investment banker. Investment banking is a high pressure but rewarding job of raising capital and advising others on acquisitions.

Manager. At many firms, MBAs go hand in hand with management, especially corporate middle management. An MBA can unlock the door to these jobs and may help you rise in the organizational chart.

Why? Management is a key component of MBA program curriculums, making the position of manager a logical choice for MBA grads looking to further their careers. In fact, some people get their MBAs for that very purpose: to position themselves to grow career-wise like they never had before at their current companies.