10 Reasons to Get an MBA

Are you thinking about going the extra mile for your career and earning an MBA but you still haven’t decided yet? Then you should be interested to know the 10 reasons for you to take the plunge and get that MBA:

To get a job: There are many top-level jobs in powerful corporations that may require applicants with an MBA to even be considered for such a position. Think corporate finance, international business, and management. When a company is at the top of their game, they expect you to be too.

To learn industry-standard practices: In the course of an MBA program you will examine case studies and best practices. You will learn about what has worked for a variety of companies and what hasn’t as well as what the industry-standard practices prevalent in the business world today are. This is valuable knowledge for you to have, regardless of the business you will become part of.

To build contacts: The network of contacts one is able to build is often cited by MBA grads as an important element to an MBA program. Whether networking with other students who may become your next business partners or professors who may serve as mentors and business advisors, cultivating contacts while studying an MBA may help launch you in the business world through the front door.

To increase your salary potential: In particular, earning an MBA may have the power to launch you to the top of the salary scale.

To make a career transition: If you want to make a lateral change and start a career in a new industry at the same level or higher than you are at currently, an MBA may be a good way to make that career transition a reality. The fact is that employers are more willing to take a chance on a career-changer with an MBA than one without.

To earn a widely-recognized top credential: An MBA is a coveted degree that is awarded after a rigorous study program of business principles and practices and is recognized throughout the world as a high-level credential. This looks good on any resume!

To increase your business knowledge and skills: MBA degree programs will teach you advanced knowledge of economics, marketing, management, and organizational behavior as well as to hone your analytical skills. No matter what job you have, these will serve you well.

To challenge yourself: Can you cut the mustard? An MBA program may be a good way to test yourself, your knowledge, and your business mettle, or prepare yourself for a challenge like opening your own company.

To become a consultant: Some people consider an MBA to be the minimum qualification for a consultant. As a consultant you are selling your specialized skills and expertise, but how exactly do you convey that expertise? With outside verification, of course! An MBA can provide you with the extra credibility you may need to become a high-paid consultant.

To gain an in-depth understanding of the business world: The world of business is ever changing and complex; it is composed of many fields and principles that all interact with each other at the same time. An MBA program is a well-rounded degree that covers a variety of business areas for an in-depth picture of the business world.

Whatever your reason for getting an MBA may be, the bottom line is that an MBA will teach you a lot about business and what you can do, looks good on a resume, and has the power to open doors, among a host of other advantages.