Office Technology Program Contents

Office Technology Program Contents

Office technology programs offer students a choice between receiving a diploma, certificate, or associate's degree depending on the graduate's desired level of training. Students of the office technology program are taught the necessary skills to thrive in an office environment through acquired knowledge in office software, typing, writing basics, communication abilities, and office support.

The business communication course is a fundamental class that provides the foundation for the degree or certificate program

Office technology programs require an earned GED or high school diploma and an expressed interest in the coursework. An associate's degree in the program requires the student to complete two years of required classes and electives. Classes are provided in the classroom or online and the general curriculum includes business communications, introduction to Microsoft Word, introduction to Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Power Point, and Microsoft Access. The business communication course is a fundamental class that provides the foundation for the degree or certificate program. The course is structured to illustrate concepts of effective communication skills and techniques in the business world and office atmosphere.

Additional courses required for the office technology degree include business math, administrative office procedures, computer office techniques, keyboarding, document formatting, and skill building. The combined coursework that takes place both in the classroom and in a hands-on office setting provide the students with the necessary skills needed to function in the office as a successful employee and leader. Professional assistant training is emphasized and graduates acquire managerial abilities along with office skills. Students in the office technology program learn how to become an invaluable asset to the office team through obtaining research skills, report preparation, decision making skills, and supervision training. Organization and calendar management skills are also emphasized throughout the program.

Graduates of an office technology program become a necessary asset to any office environment. Coursework and hands-on training promotes graduates of this program to achieve success in the business field.