Email Marketing: 4 Reasons Why Every Business Should Be Using This Medium

Email Marketing: 4 Reasons Why Every Business Should Be Using This Medium

Email marketing is a powerful form of marketing that works on developing relationships with prospects and customers through an automated form of contact. With the Internet becoming mainstream, and wireless access expanding at a rapid pace, emails are the most common means of staying in touch today. By harnessing the power of this medium, marketers are able to quickly, and almost effortlessly, create profitable marketing campaigns for their business.

It allows businesses, in a very cost effective manner, to set up channels of communication with their prospects and customers.

The power that exists in email marketing really boils down to five key reasons.

1. Automated System: Businesses that truly thrive are the ones that have learned to create systems to manage as much of their business as possible. Email marketing allows businesses to automate some of their most important activities, without compromising the quality of a prospect's experience.

Email can automate delivery of special offers, technical support, follow up, customer service, and more. It allows businesses, in a very cost effective manner, to set up channels of communication with their prospects and customers. This allows them to automate much of the relationship building process, which is crucial for creating profitable, long-term business relationships.

2. Fast and Flexible: Email marketing meshes well with the rapid pace of business today. It allows businesses to have instant access to their prospects or customers. With just a click of a button, you can get in touch with everyone on your list. And with just a click of the button on their end, your prospects can be led wherever you'd like them to go.

The speed of this medium also allows you to quickly change anything you need about your marketing campaign, without any cost or delay. You can literally, in real time, monitor a campaign's effectiveness and make changes as needed. For example, many marketers will send a test message to a small subset of their list, to gage its effectiveness, before starting their main campaign. Email marketing makes this extremely easy to do, and these types of tests can increase a business's profitability, almost instantaneously.

3. Ability to Easily Test and Track: With email marketing, you have the ability to easily track everything that occurs. You can see whether the email was received by the recipient, how many prospects opened your email, and whether any links were clicked in the message. This type of information is priceless in knowing what type of message speaks to your target audience. You can determine the effectiveness of a headline, whether the call to action was persuasive, even which days and times got you the best response.

Any successful marketer will tell you that the testing and tweaking is where the real money is made. No matter how successful a campaign, a business should always be working to improve their numbers and make it better. Usually a small change, or something that a business will swear makes no difference, is what ends up creating higher conversion rates for the marketing campaign.

4. Ability to easily segment your list: Another reason email marketing is so effective is because it allows you to automatically segment your list based on actions that your prospects take. For instance, if someone purchases a product, you can automatically move them from a prospect list onto a customer list. If someone expresses an interest in an upcoming product or service, you can place them on a new list exclusively for updates on that information. The ability to narrow your target market down into these tight segments allows you to develop a strong message exclusively for that audience. It increases conversions and customer loyalty.

Email marketing is one of the most effective forms of marketing for small and medium sized businesses today. It allows you to easily automate, and test and track your marketing messages, with minimal cost and effort. It's an excellent form of communication, and one that has been proven effective in getting results.