Career Options in International Business

Career Options in International Business

Some who want to forge a career in business are choosing to earn their degree in international business. Like the more traditional business degree, this course of study requires the student to obtain a firm understanding of business principles, but also includes language and teaches the principles in ways that include a variety of cultures.

Any company that operates in more than one country can benefit from hiring graduates in international business.

Many large corporations have operations on more than one continent. A degree in international business sets you in the right direction toward working for such multinational corporations. Many students go on to earn a master's degree in international business, but a bachelor's degree is often enough to get your foot in the door. Of course, the more education one has, the more opportunities that will available to them. That is why you should go as far as you can in school if you desire a successful career in international business.

Career options abound for graduates with this degree. Basically, any company that operates in more than one country can benefit from hiring graduates in international business. Companies include automobile manufacturers, toy companies, gardening product distributors, fruit and vegetable import and export businesses, the list is truly endless.

Here are a few specific career options in this field:

  • International Buyer: International buyers work for companies that buy products from around the world. This job usually, but not always, involves a large amount of travel. For that reason, this position, like most in international business is best suited to someone who enjoys traveling to foreign countries. As a buyer you will help select goods, negotiate prices, and other contract points and then be sure that deadline, manufacturing, and other standards are met.
  • Lobbyist: International lobbyists try to persuade lawmakers about issues that have a global impact, or that in some way affect, or are affected by, countries outside of the United States.
  • Hospitality: For obvious reasons, those with a degree in international business make ideal candidates for businesses in the hospitality sector such as hotels, airlines, cruise lines, and resorts. You may work in any number of departments within the company, and there is good room for upward mobility as you continue to accumulate experience.

One reason to choose a particular career path is the monetary compensation one can expect. While not the only factor in such an important decision, it certainly should be at least part of the equation. For those with a bachelor's degree in international studies, you could start out with a relatively low salary and then work your way up to the higher-paying jobs. If you continue your education and enter the job market with at least a master's degree, your starting salary will be much higher.

If you need to get into the job market sooner, however, doing so with just a bachelor's is a great start. As you progress in your career, your experience will begin to count far more heavily than will your education, and you will likely become eligible for many high-paying jobs.

Jobs in international business are ideal for people who truly enjoy travel, like learning about a variety of cultures and perform well when they are far outside of their comfort zone. Learning at least one other language is an absolute must, and the more languages you can master, the more marketable you will become.

This field is not for everyone, but if the idea of traveling and dealing with people from a variety of foreign countries sounds appealing, then it may be the perfect career choice for you.